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Sleepytime Sleep Scores is a  Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT)  approved CSTE provider.  Our goal is simple: provide the best online experience for RPSGT, CCSH, EEG, RST, RRT, SDS, CET technologists, and sleep tech trainees.


High Quality Videos is built on the belief that every new technology is an opportunity for learning. We work closely with our pears and advisers every step of the way, from building curriculum frameworks to ensure that all of our content aligns with national standards.

RPSGT Quizzes

Sleepytime Sleep Scores online videos and practice quizzes are presented in an easy to understand, straightforward style; we don't include any extra technical jargon. The goal is to present the subject in a clear and down to earth approach. 

Customer reviews:

Jacob J. RPSGT, CCSH - Excellent Customer Service!!

Deborah S.   RPSGT - Great study course!

Rochelle L.  RPSGT -  Thank you for creating a non-stressful experience from start to finish.

Esther H. RPSGT - Precision 👍

Brandon B. RPSGT -  Superb! Thank You!

Mandisa H. RPSGT - Excellent program! 

William B. RPSGT - Thank you!  Very easy to understand important concepts.

Brenda O. RPSGT -  Awesome!!!

Martin F. RPSGT- Explained thoroughly !

Jeanne K. . RPSGT - Instructor is very clear.  Like the 15 sec rewind. Great content!! 

Christopher K.  RPSGT - Awesome review!! 

Rose P. RPSGT - Awesome  refresher 

Belange A. RPSGT- Exceptional

Tusonah B. RPSGT  - Thank you very much. This was much needed!  

Nicole B. RPSGT - The video is very easy to follow and understand. Thank you !

Frankie K. RPSGT- Very good

Tracy S.  RPSGT- Good review of heart rhythms

Cornelius C. RPSGT - I learn something new each time

Jennifer R. RPSGTVery informative and precise!

Debra B. RPSGT- Thanks for a great refresher.

Alice G. RPSGT - Easy format and I actually learned a couple things😁

Margaret M. RPSGTThis was an awesome lesson. Its very easy to follow..

Lori C. RPSGTVery easy to follow. Great graphics.

Shelly C. RPSGT- Good information that is pertinent to our field.

Angie H. RPSGT, RST ,CCSH - I have been a Sleep Technician since 2007 and kudos to Mr. Gill for giving an excellent review in the 10-20 measurement. I would highly recommend this Module for everyone, even the seasoned Techs.

Erin S. RPSGT - Thanks.. My favorite CEUs  place for my RPSGT credential. Email me when new courses come out!!


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YouTube reviews:

Kelly B. (YouTube viewer)

“I was looking for RPSGT videos and stumbled across this. Would be very beneficial for beginners. Easy to follow and understand. :)


Myra Sabs. (YouTube viewer)

 “He explains each section, row, which allows you to do each task with ease. THANK YOU for the details! It makes sense”.

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