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About Us

About us 

Sleepytime Sleep Scores designed its online “Sleep Tech” training course with one simple goal: to provide the best online educational experience for RPSGT, EEG, RST, RRT and CET technician’s, nursing students and sleep tech trainees.


Our vision: is to become the most user-friendly Internet platform for high-quality information and knowledge-building.  We work consistently towards this goal with the support of a young and dynamic team.  Through creativity, new ideas and enthusiasm we initiate change together—and through engagement, passion and fun at work, we succeed.

We are made up of a passionate, interdisciplinary team of RPSGT, EEG, RST, RRT, CET technician’s and clinical experts.


Our Mission: is to have the best online Polysomnography education platform worldwide!

So, what does that mean for you?  As a member we present you with the highest quality of video’s and education that suit your academic and personal needs, and make high-quality Polysomnography education available to as many students as possible

We are very proud to offer you a great variety of comprehensive online educational courses that covers several topics within the Polysomnography field. Our content is updated regularly and keeps growing every day!

If we can be of more assistance. Please be sure to email your name, contact information (cell and email), question, along with the best time to contact you.

Contact info: "[email protected]". 


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