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Sleep Technician's Guide to Understanding the Human Brain

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  • Top rated course with professional audio
  • Earn (2) BRPT approved credits 
  • HD video, Full animations color illustrations
  • Course is designed to promote fast and easy learning


What People Are Saying:

"This was fantastic...I really liked the video and how it was broken down..."😍


"This course breaks down the brain in the simplest of all I’ve seen in all of my years in Sleep."


"This course made learning about the brain very easy. Loved it!!!"


“One word " THANKS". - I like the examples you use as you reviewed the course. I love that each topic was broken into short videos. This course has helped a lot with my on-the-job confidence.”


 “Informative and easy to follow videos. Very impressed with Mr. Ronnie T. Gill’s knowledge and devotion to the sleep community. Thanks to the entire Sleeptechworld.com team.”





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