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My (8) Sleep CEU Bundle ~ 2024 News Article Edition

All (8) articles within this bundle are designed to promote fast and easy learning. 😃 Only $12.50 per CEU credit


Review each Free PDF news article, then complete a 10-question assessment. Receive your CEU credits by email in seconds!

That simple!   


What you get:

  • Central and Complex Sleep Apnea - 1 BRPT Credit
  • PAP Therapy for Pediatric OSA - 1 BRPT Credit
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea Basics - 1 BRPT Credit
  • Sleep Apnea and the Heart - 1 BRPT Credit
  • PAP Making an Impact on Sleep Apnea - 1 BRPT Credit
  • OSA and Stroke - 1 BRPT Credit
  • MWT Sleep Studies Protocols Made Easy - 1 BRPT Credit
  • Standardization of Physician Reporting of Sleep - 1 BRPT Credit




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