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The Human Heart Made Easy

Course Title: The Human Heart Made Easy - Earn 2 BRPT CSTE credits

Learning Objectives: During an overnight PSG, it’s imperative that a sleep technologist recognize, and respond appropriately to any irregular patterns within the heart chambers.

This course reviews the four heart chamber and valves, how  to read EKG signals using an ECG  grid, follow an ECG electrical pathway and generation, how to recognize normal sinus rhythm and heart blocks (1st, 2nd & 3rd degree), to Include Arrhythmia (PVC, PAC, bi-geminy, tri-geminy & junctional),  responding to irregular rhythm requiring emergency action (Atrial Fib, Atrial Flutter, VT, VF and Asytole) within a sleep center setting.


What you'll get:

  • Top rated course and free downloads 
  • Earn (2) BRPT approved credits 
  • HD video, Full animations color illustrations
  • Course is designed to promote fast and easy learning


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