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PAP Therapy Protocols and Processors & Drug Classifications Made Easy

 Two course bundle - PAP Therapy Protocols and Processors & Drug Classifications Made Easy 


1st Course Title: PAP Therapy Protocols and Processors – Earn 2 BRPT CSTE credits

The course overview  focuses on the PAP Task Force and AASM PAP recommendations for adults (>12years and pediatric (<12 year ) with OSA within a sleep clinic setting,  patient education, mask fitting,  review PAP therapy devices their purpose & mechanics; CPAP, BIPAP, AutoPAP, S/T mode and ASV,  review both  IPAP vs EPAP manual settings and controls, PAP protocols for CPAP vs. BIAPAP; rules related to  age , number of respiratory and events to increase, starting and max pressure setting, Define PAP functions and use of  C-Flex vs. A-flex.


2nd Course Title: Drug Classifications Made Easy – Earn 2 BRPT CSTE credits

The course reviews antidepressant classifications and medications which effect sleep, the impact SSRI & TCA antidepressants and their effects on insomnia,  SSRI & TCA sleep architecture & side effects on sleep,  recognizing common Benzodiazepine and Beta-Blocker medications within  a patients chart, benzodiazepine and alcohol effects on SNC,  common medications effecting sleep -wake cycle / Beta blocker medications effects on insomnia and nightmares, medication effects on mild & moderate depression,  Ambien and the effects on sleep.

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