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The International 10-20 System Made Easy

Course Title: The International 10-20 System Made Easy – Earn  1 BRPT CSTE credits

Learning Objectives: The International 10/20 system is an internationally recognized method to describe the location of the scalp electrodes.

This course gives an detail overview of the basic principle and standard positions of EEG landmarks, gives an introduction to how to locate and calculate landmark distances, to include a brief overview of the human cerebral cortex lobs and functions: frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal.


What you'll get:

  • Top rated course with professional audio 
  • Earn (1) BRPT approved credits 
  • HD video, Full animations color illustrations
  • Course is designed to promote fast and easy learning 


What People Are Saying:

I have been a Sleep Technician since 2007 and kudos to Mr. Gill for giving an excellent review in the 10-20 measurement. I would highly recommend this Module for everyone, even the seasoned Techs.



“Your online courses are wonderful. I must say this is a well organized course. Thanks you for putting this course together. I rate this course 5 out 5 STARS!!”



“Mr. Gill is one of the best instructors I've heard explain this topic. As I listen to him I could tell he genuinely cares about the students learning the material. Great job sir!!”





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